1 Item a Day Project Rules

To read about why I started this project, see the In The Beginning... post.
However, for a quick review of the rules:
  1. A minimum of 1 item per day must be removed (or arrangements made to remove it) each day.  
  2. Each item must either be: thrown out, sold, or donated.
  3. Trash does not count.
In addition to the official "rules" I've also set some guidelines for myself - you know - just so that I don't try to talk myself of things.

- If it hasn't been used in the last year it's time to go. 
- Stains, rips, wholes, or broken anything, automatically results in disposable.
- If an items is going to be "re-purposed" it must be done that day.  No more "it'll be great for this....I'll get to it later"

So these are my rules. 

Thanks for stopping by! :-)