Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 3 - Just Slightly Delayed

Getting into a routine is a little challenging when life is already cram pack with stuff.  Yesterday, when this should have posted I was visiting with my in-laws, but true to my mission, I have gotten rid of stuff.  Sticking with my dressing table, I turned my attention to the brown tray that has become a collect all for random junk. 

Digging into the tray a little more produced the following collection of random junk.

  1. Green leather pouch matching a purse
  2. "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks
  3. Sunglasses holder for sunglasses that are long gone.
  4. Random recipe card for something I would never make
  5. Cheap bangles
  6. Purse strap
  7. Brown leather tray
  8. Dog collar
  9. Plastic jewelry display bags
So a little more than 1 item.  Several items actually belonged somewhere besides sitting the tray.  So with that the green pouch joined the purse it belongs with as did the strap.  If I'm totally honest, I could have just as easily gotten rid of both items, but because they are part of purses, I decided to keep them around.  We'll see if they last the year though. ;-)

Also included in the "wrong place" group is the book and dog collar.  So away to the bookcase the book went.  The dog collar actually belongs to my mother, and how it came to be in my possession is actually a mystery to me - so it's now waiting by the door for when I see her next.

Items 3 and 4 are a prime example of the behaviors I always do but want to change.  The sunglasses that came with the holder have long disappeared, but I've managed to convince myself that I should hang onto the cases because "I'll use it later".  And even thought twice about my decision, but in reality, I haven't used it by it now, so I'm really not going to, despite best intentions.  Honestly, how many of you have said the same thing, but never do?  I'd guess quite a few. To the garbage it goes! 

Along with the case, so goes the recipe card.  Looking at it now I'm not even sure why I picked it up, except that it's very much like me to do so.  I've always had a hard time saying no, especially when something is free. That card was probably at some kitchen ware store and I grabbed it, thinking I'd modify the recipe to exclude the ingredients I didn't like.  But I never did, and likely never will. 

Items 5 & 9 are the last in the box.  Number 5 - cheap bangles.  This was an easy decision, they were cheap and ugly, items that I would not ever pick up again, so to the trash they go.  Finally item 9, plastic retail jewelry display bags - items I have used many items before when I was traveling frequently.  They provided a great way to transport my chunky necklaces, but I don't travel nearly as often, and have since collected mesh bags to serve the same purpose and therefore are no longer needed.

Last but not least is the tray.  Originally I had planned to pitch the tray as well. But my husband quickly snatched it up.  It belonged to a set that my husband had bought years ago. I'm not exactly sure what his plan is for the tray, but at least for the time being, it's got a second chance.

I'm surprised that only a few days in I'm already starting to feel different about stuff.  I'm constantly scanning rooms and seeing all the stuff that can just go.  We'll see if the feeling continues, but I really hope it does, because it's a refreshing change!

And for today's tally....


Until Tomorrow,

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