Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 5 - Years of History

I'm almost finished with "the stack" - the one on my make-up table.  Remember....

Last in the stack but certainly not least, the big pink box, there on the bottom of the pile. 

Here's a better view.
A very interesting top

Full of stuff

I wish I had an exciting story about this box.  Goodness knows it's been through enough with me - but sadly I don't. 

I don't exactly remember when I came to own this box.  I suspect it was sometime during my late middle school or early high school years because upon further inspection I can date a number of the pieces it holds.  For instance, there's some strange 80's style jewelry that I vividly remember receiving as a gift when I was a freshman in high school.  When I opened the box holding these pieces I vividly remember thinking "Yuck! Who actually thinks this is something a 14 year old girl would wear."  I kept them this long because my mother guilted me into appreciating them, but I honestly have not E.V.E.R. picked them up or worn them.  These pieces are going to be promptly added to Ebay and hopefully someone out there will appreciate them for what they are. 

There's also pretty charm that I brought back from my first trip to Mexico during high school, the earrings I wore to my first formal in college, and the "fake" wedding rings I bought prior to going on my honeymoon so that I didn't have to wear my real stuff.  This box has seen me through the rough years of high school, the crazy years of college, and the defining years as a young professional.  It's content telling the story of those years.

But two years ago I received a proper {read: REAL} jewelry box.  The kind adults keep their real jewelry in.  It's time to accept that I'm not a teenager anymore, and it's time to accept that my teenage jewelry box has to go.  So with that, the pink box must go.  I hope whoever gets it enjoys it as much as I did.

As for the contents - I'm still trying to sort it all out. 


Until Tomorrow,

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