Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 4

I'm behind.  This isn't starting out well, I know.  I didn't anticipate how busy my weekends get and how tired I get from it all.

So today I'm going to cheat a little.  Not in the sense that I'm not getting rid of anything, just in the sense that I'm lazy and not feeling all that creative today.  So to start, check out this video - it's from FRIENDS (only like the greatest show ever).  Around the 1:10 mark is the most important piece. (and sorry it's not embedded - pesky youtube)

So what did we learn class?  That when a hotel rips you off, you make up for it in soaps. 

Now with all seriousness though, I am that traveler who snags the soaps and shampoos from hotels, especially when it's a nice hotel and there's really good stuff.  And usually I'll use them at some point.  The problem is that darn word some.  Because it might be within the next week or it could be a year from now.

And usually it's the later of those above time frames so I find those cute little bottles in random places, like by my sink.  So today, these cute little bottles are going to a place where someone can actually use them.  These will be donated to the women's shelter in my town - a place that is always needing these type of items.  So away they go!


Until Tomorrow,

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